The project

Housed in a beautiful neoclassical building at the heart of Athens, this hotel is a true paradigm of style, friendly atmosphere and respect of traditional features and local history. This project is extremely close to our hearts. We were involved in its very beginnings and inspired by the vision of its two creators Natalie and Margarita. Creativity became a pleasant game whose energy was transferred between us and influenced the final result.

Web design

The design of the hotel’s website started long before the hotel was ready to accept guests. The website was therefore the hotel’s first visual identity. We have focused on making the site mobile phone friendly and on showcasing the hotel’s beautiful spaces and features. On the website, you may find information on the hotel’s design as well as on the philosophy behind it.

The hotel’s intense personality as well as the idea of the building’s revival and hospitality with values – that the neighborhood where the hotel is found also advocates with its social and artistic aura – led us to the idea of designing Monsieur Didot’s shape to make of him a distinctive host overlooking the whole enterprise.

Main Logo

Compact logo version

His face is a freehand design. Our aim was to attribute his shape and expression with simple lines while creating a design simple enough to be used equally well as a logo in the form of a small icon. The same logic was used for the letters completing Monsieur Didot’s shape.

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